Problem Statement

One of the largest commercial banks based in Buenos Aires, Argentina struggled with reimagining their digital banking experience in order to maximize their functionality, optimize usability and fundamentally enhance users’ digital habits. Our challenge was to provide a seamless online home banking experience, regardless of channel or device, where each facet of the consumer’s experience had to be consistent and complementary. In other words, the best user centered UX financial system based on the identification of needs according to the profile of customers and channels used.

Conceptual Model English.jpg

What we did

We closely worked with their customer base, and by employing our D4H methodology along with usability evaluations and observing in context, we uncovered their deep needs. We mapped these needs & the intent of users and weighed that against the product service system that the bank offered, to adopt a human-centric view rather than a product-centric view. Our customer journey map brought the insights, user intent, products & services together across the omni channel space. Finally we developed three new conceptual platforms for the bank which connected well with the digital rituals of their consumers and their financial understanding and aspirations. The project was wrapped up in under 10 weeks by working tightly with the current teams to complement capability & capacity.


One concept was a ”Down to earth” option, something that could be easily implemented tomorrow. Our second concept was the “Differentiator”, an alternative that questioned the current basics of a financial digital experience, yet kept a sense of familiarity. Last, but not least, we introduced the team to our ”Wow” option, the one that completely changed the logics of what’s known as a Digital Bank today, basing the interface and navigation of the tool against the user intention behind each function. Currently, one of the concepts is being implemented as a holistic home banking solution in Argentina.