Life of a Design Researcher… Outside of Design 

Designers and researchers in today’s society often get hit with some heavy stereotyping. Maybe it is thought that designers are the creative brains while researchers are more black and white. Many even think that designers and researchers are inherently introverted and maybe do not prefer outdoor activities – but are any of these true? We surveyed some of our favorite employees and found that we all share more than we even realized outside of the office.

1.  We all love being outside!


No matter the professional title, most of our feathers adore hiking, biking, camping and pretty much anything else outdoors! After spending long days in the office immersing ourselves into the emotional dilemmas of others, getting into nature allows space for us to process our own experiences. Surprisingly, almost no one in our San Diego offices prefers to surf… but yoga, volleyball, basketball, and soccer and tennis still make the list. Maybe one day we’ll form a Round Feather sports team! Until then, catching us spending our vacation time on hikes, skiing mountains, or camping out in the woods.


2.  Designing is creative, but it isn’t the only creative outlet… 


Although much of our office is popping with color and graphics, many feathers take time to paint, play music, or cook when they get home. Cooking is one of our favorite commonalities – we even have a group chat to share recipes! With team members in Argentina and the Netherlands, inspiration to try new dishes is never lacking. If we are traveling and don’t have time to cook, you can find our teammates experiencing new dishes from restaurants all over the world! Food isn’t our only creative interest though - few different feathers reported to love playing music, especially guitar, but our office has yet to witness these skills. We’ll believe it when we see it!

3.  Everyone wants to try new things! 

Manu hiking.jpeg

To us, weekends are for trying new activities, no matter how challenging. One of our feathers has recently gotten into bouldering – maybe a team trip to Joshua Tree is in our future! The same feather has also been learning how to create mustard (and hopefully we can try it soon!). A very common desire among the office is to learn Spanish, especially since a large part of our team speaks it. When our international team flies in from Argentina, many of us quickly jump on the opportunity to learn new words and phrases. All in all, even if it’s just testing our hiking limits, days off are really just days for new endeavors.

4.  Travel, travel, travel!


Lastly, everyone on our team loves to travel – it’s almost a requirement! So much international involvement as well as flying place to place for research creates much opportunity to see new places while we work. One of our feathers has a special collection of shirt fabrics they have gathered from around the world! From work trips in Georgia to team bonding in Rotterdam, travel and appreciation for new culture is at the heart of our company. Many of us have taken trips across seas for pleasure as well, including France, Italy, Japan, and more!  Where will we fly to next?