Our culture provides a canvas for diverse thinkers to learn, grow, and create.

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At RoundFeather, diversity is not just a box we tick off. It’s our guiding principle on how to deliver truly creative solutions. What started out as a small founding team in 2009 is now home to over 17 nationalities and even more kinds of thinkers—from boundary-breaking artists to structure-seeking builders, all with different cultural and academic backgrounds. This diversity fuels our ability to exceptionally innovate and serve our clients.

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“My passion for experience design started at PepsiCo, where I found that true innovation happens at the intersection of different fields. I took this insight with me when I pivoted to digital products 10 years ago. These lessons have become the seed of Round Feather’s mission & culture. We strive to keep happiness at the core of all we do, using empathy and storytelling as the fuel to drive all of our digital experiences.”
Eapen George
CEO & Founder RoundFeather, Former VP Innovation, PepsiCo

We believe in...

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Empathy and connectedness

At the core of all our interactions is empathy. Whether it’s a colleague, client, or user, we nurture our ability to understand one another by exercising compassion and curiosity. In doing so, we foster a unique sense of connectedness that strengthens our bonds and allows for greater collaboration.

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Emotional safety

We push for an environment where people can confidently speak their mind, bring up unique points of view, and not let perceived differences get in the way of teamwork. The result is a space of emotional safety, which becomes a key means to driving innovation.

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When you’re bringing new ideas to life, challenges and setbacks are inevitable. At RoundFeather, we prepare for these moments of pressure by cultivating a culture of collaborative resilience. No “Feather” is ever expected to figure something out alone, and as a team, we celebrate our capacity to adjust to and overcome hurdles when we work as a team.

Unique ways our culture comes to life

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Whole brain thinking tools

We invest in our belief that cognitive diversity is a strategic advantage by using the Whole Brain Model, the tested Hermann framework, as a way to improve the way we work together. Regular training sessions help Feathers decode the way they think and highlight opportunities for greater effectiveness during periods of stress.

Round feather Academy

We create a powerful playground for cultural and intellectual exchange, while grooming talent in our methodologies, through the RoundFeather Academy. Structured as a 2-week project, facilitated by leading design professors, “Feathers” are able to quickly build trust, experience our culture, and deliver impactful designs in a short timeframe.
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HQ Immersion & Off-sites

We purposefully come together, traveling from all over the world to convene in our San Diego Headquarters, for select project outputs. We intentionally design these travels to be a balance of playful and productive—think intense design ideations with fun team BBQs & offsites—fueling our growth and connection as a team.

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