Helping the largest support organization on the planet to be more effective by re-thinking their customer support system.


The problem
At the largest support organization on the planet, the firm was struggling to improve their customer support experience when customers use a multi device multi-channel approach to resolve their support query. In our research we quickly found that the firm was siloed in its approach to resolve customer support queries with splinter initiatives and lack of coordination between various support teams. Customers were not fully utilizing the various support channels offered by the firm and were going through a painful experience when transferring from ‘self-service’ to ‘assisted support’.

From asset centric to human centric

What we did
Our D4H™ team radically reimagined the support strategy from an asset-centric approach to a human-centric approach.

By immersing with both the end users and the internal support staff in our qualitative study, we gained an understanding of the stakeholders’ dilemmas and intents in the various moments of the support journey across the multi-channel, multi-device support environment.

Once having captured this deep, holistic understanding of the entire system in our Journey Map, it was a small step towards a strong concept that illustrates a new, effective approach to customer support.


A powerful vision to make the support experience more personal, intuitive, responsive and predictive whilst reducing the time to resolve the issue.