Helping one of the biggest software companies onboard small-medium business owners to a new product.

The problem

The largest productivity software firm on the planet was struggling to drive better sales and support amongst small and medium enterprise customers (SMEs) for their flagship product, especially across the trial to purchase journey for their product. The firm’s definition on what these SME users need and how to service those needs was misaligned across the various multi-functional teams within the firm, leading to a siloed view of how to resolve and improve the trial to purchase ratio. 


Help our client better understand the needs of their user -

as seen through their eyes

What we did

Using D4H™, we elucidated the unarticulated needs of SMEs in their context and mapped out the various personas of SMEs against their personal and business goals. We then mapped out how the various versions of the flagship product could meet the needs of the users. This was a radical redefinition of the product feature set and how it needed to be marketed across the trial to purchase continuum.

Taking a customer-centric approach also enabled us to bring the various disparate multi-functional teams together within the firm and provide them with a customer centric roadmap to re-image their CX and CE for their flagship product. We also delivered a short-term and medium-term version of various digital tools that would help the firm to better guide SMEs through the trial to purchase journey.


The customer-centric lens and deeper understanding of how to better connect with SMEs enabled the firm to significantly improve the trial to purchase ratio over a 6-month period, resulting in double digit revenue growth for the firm.