Shifting the perception of canned soup from simply a means for sustenance to goodness & wellness.

The problem

The world’s most iconic soup brand was under threat as consumers were challenging the current norms of “freshness”, “goodness” and “wellness” within the canned soup category. The brand had to fend off new entrants whilst coming to grips with its innovation pipeline and come out with new products and variants that would help the brand to re-cement itself as the world’s most iconic soup brand.

What we did

We first identified deep consumer insights that increased the emotional relevance of the brand through in-context immersions. The journey of the consumer was based on their touch-points with the brand during several phases - from creating a list to the in-store experience to finally consuming it at home. The team then created innovation platforms and product innovation blueprints via design principles and sensory cues that helped shift the perception of canned food from 'Sustenance' (soup is basic), to 'Goodness' (soup is good), to 'Wellness' (soup enriches life). The team also worked closely with the marketing and communications department to roll out a new campaign that elevated the brand’s offering from a basic functional positioning to a higher order emotive brand positioning.

Design principles-01.png


The outcome was a strategy for the brand to innovate on the different aspects of the soup experience, right from texture, consistency and flavor to packaging and store visibility. The brand was able to reposition itself and not just reinvent its core offerings on the shoulders of the Design for Happiness outputs. It also launch new offerings that elevated its status from just sustenance food to one that “enriches life” , thereby helping to re-establish the brand as the most iconic soup brand in the world.