Translating Consumer Insights into a Comprehensive Innovation Roadmap


D4H™ focuses on identifying and reconciling emotional dilemmas that arise during the usage of products and services. We use emotions to uncover users’ concerns and map the relationship between opposing concerns to identify emotional dilemmas. By reconciling the emotional dilemmas, we design solutions that are truly innovative and successful because they contribute to the happiness of consumers.


Empathy Is the Core of Our Technique

We use techniques that foster empathy and methodically map out the user’s journey to reveal motivations, needs, and deep emotional dilemmas. Unlike the typical focus group or ethnography research, we use our techniques in the context of the user’s natural environment. This fosters empathy and allows us to tap into the hearts and minds of consumers, beyond a functional user experience.


Revealing the 'Deeper Why'. Defining the 'How'. Designing the 'What'.

Pinpointing Dilemmas

We start with the 'why' by capturing the needs and tensions of the users as emotional dilemmas. When our understanding of motivations and cultural values are integrated with the journey mapping, inherent dilemmas are revealed that create tensions in users' lives. Resolving these dilemmas is the basis of opportunity for disruptive and emotionally-based design solutions.


Comprehensive Journey Mapping

We map the pain points anchored in micro-moments from end-to-end rather than in isolated fragments of the journey. Detailed observation and analysis of intentions and behaviors across an entire product/service journey allows us to methodically map out each micro-moment. This reveals both pain points and bliss points, illustrating gaps in achieving an optimal experience.

Turbo Speed
We take a turbo approach to prototyping by creating solutions rapidly and nimbly during customer immersions, simultaneously with journey mapping and converting pain points to bliss points. This shift in designing for usability to usefulness guarantees that the richness of insight is immediately reflected in designs and uncovers further guidance into potential solutions.