Helping a leading European telecommunications company redefine their omni-channel experience.

The problem

One of the largest telecom companies in Europe was significantly behind on customer churn in comparison to its competition. Particularly during the process of a phone upgrade, customers dropped off. The firm was tackling it in a siloed approach with splinter initiatives for the different channels (in-store, online & call centre) and they were struggling to succesfully meet the customer’s needs.


The various channels should be closely working together as the customer does not see the firm in its siloed channels but as one entity.

EE design principles-01.png

What we did

Taking a customer centric approach to CX & CE, we did empathy sessions with customers as well as with sales & support staff to get a holistic picture; we uncovered the customer needs across the omni channel space whilst also understanding the functioning of each channel within the firm.

Through that approach, we were able to clearly call out how the various channels should be closely working together to create one consistent experience. 

We showed how to serve the customer as they navigate through a combination of self-service & assisted support options to make their decision about the right phone & data plan for their needs; feeling like they are in control vs. the firm being too pushy. We also designed a significant enhancement to the support tools & platforms that signalled that the firm is flexible to better understand your specific need and provide you the right support tools to make an informed decision.


Improved churn rates, driving significant revenue and competitive share upside.