Round Feather Academy
The new Feathers to come


The Round Feather Academy is meant to be a playground for young talent from the best universities worldwide, providing them the canvas to express their passions and cultivate their talents from their respective areas of expertise.

The outcome of the Academy is to scale Round Feather’s reach across the globe, providing fresh talent for our rapidly expanding practice of Design for Happiness™.


RF Academy 2017
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


This story started at Verhalenhuis Belvedere in Rotterdam. Verhalenhuis Belvedere is a cooperative in the making, a social enterprise of independent entrepreneurs, a group of people who feel connected with each other and with the place. As a joint responsibility, it actively connects people and communities with each other and with the city.

The challenge was to understand what makes a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant a "Rotterdammer" and how they connect to the city. For two weeks, the team conducted in-depth interviews with people in Rotterdam. Afterwards, they analyzed the information, ideated and presented their design solutions.

We were really surprised about the material generated, we feel confident Round Feather will have a bright future, these guys really know how to rock it!
— Manager of Verhalenhuis
Photos by Andreas d'Hollandere -