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Manuel Torres writing down his ideas on a paper that's sticked onto the wall for a presentation

Designing for well-being is RoundFeather’s mission, and it’s our people who make this possible.

We create a canvas for each and every “Feather” to embrace challenges and create breakthrough solutions by leveraging the collective gifts of our team.
Bellen Martinez presenting her ideas

Our Core Competencies

At RoundFeather, our team is empowered to add value to clients, the company, and themselves, through these core capacities.

Research and Insights

The first step in everything we do; we train new and experienced researchers in our Design For Happiness methodology to understand the deeper human needs, generate fresh insights, and reframe innovation concepts.

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Multimedia Storytelling

From narrating our research and insights with conviction, to crafting the content strategy for our product solutions and social media, we hire storytellers that can package complex concepts into compelling stories for our clients and customers.

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Digital Experience Design

Our digital experience designers are tasked with boldly translating user insights into future user experiences. Pairing best-in-class visualization skills with agility and speed, they push the boundaries of technological constraints in conceptualizing blue-sky “Art of the Possible” product solutions.

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Design Engineers

The bridge between “Art of the Possible” and product development–our design engineers passionately validate and translate our design solutions into high-fidelity coded prototypes that enable meaningful user feedback and stakeholder buy-in.

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Human-Centered Product

Once the user experience strategy is set, our product managers and development engineers work closely with research and design to iteratively build the product features that truly matter. The motto is maximizing velocity while retaining the user experience.

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Data Storytelling

Finally, we reframe data analytics to data narratives. We deliver against client needs, and develop meaningful KPIs, by hiring analysts that can communicate data through compelling visuals and stories, and explain not only what is happening, but why it’s happening.

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What Keeps
Feathers Inspired

Profile Photo of Manuel Torres
“I’ve had the privilege of being part of RoundFeather’s growth since its inception, and since those days, I’ve been continually inspired by the diversity and proficiency we’ve been able to cultivate in our team. Our Feathers are empowered to act as owners across projects, displaying a sense of self-initiative and responsibility. And, time and time again, I see how much more effective we are as a collective, and in bringing value to our clients, because we’re multifaceted.”
Manuel Torres
Design Research Director
Designing for Happiness isn’t just a practice—it’s a calling, and it requires diverse perspectives coming together. Everyone in Round Feather is a Designer at heart, on a mission to deliver products that go far beyond functional and instead aim to create true impact in people’s lives. Rather than working in isolation, our Team is constantly challenging the state of the feasible in unison with Research, Content and Development to turn our collective vision into a reality, infusing our passion for delightful user experiences across all areas of the business.
Belen Martinez
Product Design Director
Profile Photo of Belen Martinez
Profile Photo of Nicky Nielsen
“I often say life is too short to work on building products that no one wants. That’s why the RoundFeather approach is so special. We bridge the best of two worlds– the worlds of research & insights with product design & development– which gives us a unique advantage to build high-quality, easy-to-use products that solve meaningful and complex problems for users. Our culture is the added win, as we know how to inspire & celebrate one another along the way.”
Nicky Nielsen

Our Locations

Photo of San Diego

San Diego

Round Feather’s HQ is located in the picturesque area of Shelter Island, San Diego.
Photo of Rotterdam


European HQ
Round Feather’s second office is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where our core European team works.
Photo of a man sitting on a ledge in front of his laptop


Many Feathers work remotely across diverse locations in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Singapore.